3v3 Basketball

Adult 3v3 Basketball League Rules

All equipment is provided. Teams may bring their own basketball and may use it during their games if and only if both teams playing agree to use it.


  1. The game shall be played on a half court by two teams of three players.
  2. Each team must have a minimum of two players to start a game, and a maximum of 5 players will be allowed on a team roster.
  3. Each team will assign a Captain. It is the Captain’s responsibility to keep team players in control at all times and to inform each player the rules of the league.
  4. Everyone associated with a team, players coaches and spectators, are subject to the rules of the game and the rules of ComePlayDetroit.
  5. A substitute shall remain outside the court boundary until they are permitted to enter the court: during a dead ball, between periods, or at a time-out.
  6. ComePlayDetroit/like color shirts must be worn at all times.
  7. Individuals may not participate on more than one team.


  1. The start of each game will be determined by rock-paper-scissors, best of one. Winner will take possession of the ball.
  2. Games are played to a score of 21, and teams must win by 2 points. If 21 is not reached by the 25 minute mark, the game will end. Baskets made outside or behind the 3-point arc are 2 points, everything else is 1 point.
  3. Each team is given 2 timeouts to be used at any time throughout the current game.
  4.  The ball must be taken beyond the top of the check line after each change of possession occurs. A change of possession occurs when: a. A basket is scored. b. A violation is committed. c. The ball is stolen. d. The defensive team rebounds the shot (this includes “air balls”).
  5. Alternate taking the ball out of bounds for jump ball situations.
  6. On all mid-court dead ball situations, the ball must be checked in and play must begin with a pass.
  7. In order for the player to be out of bounds on the sidelines their foot or hand must be touching the outside of the boundary line. This does not apply to the baseline and does not apply to the basketball (any part of the ball that hits the black paint is out of bounds). This rule is applied to both entire sidelines.
  8. The decision of the site supervisor on rule interpretations is final.


  1. Games are not officiated, players are to call their own fouls and violations, offensive and defensive, and must do so in a calm, orderly and fair fashion.
  2. An individual player may not foul out, but can be ejected if warranted by the on-site coordinator.
  3. Any offensive foul shall result in loss of possession and disallowing any converted basket.
  4. Any shooting foul with a missed basket shall result in the FREE THROW OPTION (See later).
  5. Any shooting foul with a converted basket shall result in the basket being counted and a change of possession.
  6. All Shooting fouls will be handled in the following manner:
    1. When the basket is made—possession goes to the defensive team.
    2. When the basket is missed—offensive team retains possession.
    3. NOTE: One (1) free throw will be awarded to the fouled player, even if fouled in the act of attempting a shot from behind the 2-point line.


1. DEFINITION: A Technical Foul for any misconduct, flagrant, or intentional fouls committed by a player(s). This may include: • A Contact Foul intended to hurt an opponent, fan or Official • Vulgar or verbally abusive behavior • Other misconduct deemed inappropriate by the on-site coordinatorl (e.g. intentionally kicking the ball, etc.) or • A contact foul designed to neutralize an opponent’s obvious advantageous position.

2. PENALTY: A choice between two (2) Free Throws from the Free Throw Line (15-ft.) for one (1) point each, OR two (2) shots from behind the 2 point line for 2 points each will be awarded to the offended team. In either case, the player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating and completing the attempt. The Team Captain may designate the player to shoot. The Offended Team will retain possession of the ball whether the shots are made or missed. Any player committing two (2) Technical Fouls in a game is automatically ejected from that game and his/her teams’ next game. 3. Fighting and/or ‘Throwing a Punch’ automatically results in a Technical Foul assessed against the players(s) involved. Free Throws will be awarded as described above and will result in immediate dismissal of the player(s) from the tournament. 4. A Technical Foul will be counted as a Personal Foul and Team Foul. 5. Continuous misconduct, intentional and or flagrant fouling by a team or player may result in dismissal from the game or tournament at the discretion of the Official or other on-site Official. 6. Any player ejected from a 3 on 3 game for misconduct, intentional and/or flagrant fouling, fighting or throwing a punch, will be automatically banned from participation in the league.


  1. If the score of the game is tied at the end of regulation then the game will be decided in overtime.
  2. The overtime will consist of a game up to 4 points, straight up.
  3. Each team will have one full time-out per overtime period. No time-outs will carry over into overtime, and from one OT period to another.
  4. A team can receive a forfeit if it does not have the required number of players (2) to begin the game at the scheduled start time. A team will be given a 5 minute grace period to see if any other player(s) come(s). So, that means if a team does not have 2 players at five minutes after the game time, it is a forfeit.
  5. Any team that forfeits twice will be removed from the league.


  1. ComePlayDetroit reserves the right to remove any player from the league at any time for excessive violations of policies and/or unacceptable behavior. The player will not be refunded any money.
  2. No jewelry is to be worn on the court at any time.
  3. The official score is kept on the scoresheet at the score table.
  4. The time on the schedule is the game’s starting time. It is not the time to show up or the time to start warming up. If you wish to warm up before your game then arrive early enough to do so. You may also find it helpful to bring your own ball.


  1. Playoff brackets will be available after the end of the regular season.
  2. The seeding for playoffs will be determined after the completion of the regular season as follows:

The team with the highest winning percentage will get the highest seed, the team with the second highest winning percentage will get the 2nd highest seed, etc. Ties will be broken as follows:

A. Two Way Tie:

  1. Head to head winner gets the higher seed.
  2. If the two teams did not play each other, then the team with the lower average points allowed will get the higher seed.
  3. If the two teams have the same average points allowed, then the team that allowed the fewest points will get the higher seed.
  4. If the teams are still tied after the first 3 tiebreakers, a coin flip will determine the higher seed.

B. More than Two-Way Tie:

  1. If more than two teams are tied, then the team with the lower average points allowed will get the higher seed.
  2. If more than two teams have the same average points allowed, then the team that allowed the fewest points will get the higher seed.
  3. If the teams are still tied after the first 2 tiebreakers, the team with the best record versus the other playoff teams gets the higher seed.