Adult Basketball League Rules

MHSAA rules will be used with ComePlayDetroit modifications

  1. All basketball activities will be conducted in accordance to the eligibility standards set forth by ComePlayDetroit.
  2. Each participant must complete a waiver before participating.
  3. Team rosters must be turned in prior to the first scheduled game.
  4. Players may be added to or deleted from the roster for the first 4 weeks of the season. Rosters are frozen at the start of your 4th game. Changes will be allowed after the 4th game for injuries or other extenuating circumstances, but they must be approved by the League Administrator.
  5. Participants must be listed on their team roster prior to the game. If a player enters a game without being listed on the scorecard, that team will be accessed a team technical foul (this will not count against any individuals).


1. The game shall be played between two teams with a minimum of four players and a maximum of five player per team.

2. The game will consist of two twenty-minute halves. The clock will run continuously with the exception of the last minute of the first half and the last two minutes of the second half, and time-outs.

3. In the last minute of the first half and the last two minutes of the second half (exception: see #5), the clock will stop on every deadball, violation, foul, or free throw, and will not start again until the ball is touched in bounds following a throw-in or missed free throw.

4. Each team receives two time-outs per half. Unused time-outs do not carry over into overtime. Each team is given one full time-out per overtime period.

5. The clock will not stop in the last minute of the first half or the last two minutes of the second half if the point difference between the two teams is 15 points or greater. During the last two minutes, should the gap be cut to less than 15, then the clock stoppage process would begin. If the gap goes back to 15 or greater, then the clock would continuously run.

6. High school rules are used with one exception: Players are allowed to leave the free throw lane following the release of the ball from the shooter’s hand rather than when the ball hits the rim.

7. NBA rules which do not apply: The continuation rule; getting the ball at half court following a timeout: one-shot technical fouls.


1. Everyone associated with a team, players coaches and spectators, are subject to the rules of the game and the rules of ComePlayDetroit.

2. Team members must wear the same color of shirt with different numbers. Every shirt must have a one or two digit number on it. Teams have until Week 2 have jerseys. If a team has one player that does not have a jersey, but has a shirt with the same color, that team will receive a technical foul before the game begins. If any other players on the team do not have a jersey with a number on the back, they will not be eligible to participate in the game..

3. Substitutions of players are to be done from the score table only. A substitute shall remain outside the court boundary until an official beckons him/her onto the court.

3. Substitutions shall only take place during a dead ball, between periods, or at time-outs.

4. Substitutions shall only take place during a dead ball, between periods, or at time-outs.

5. A player who has been substituted for may not re-enter the game before the next opportunity to substitute after the game clock has been properly started following his replacement

6. During the administration of a 2 or 3 shot foul the substitute will be beckoned on to the floor before the final shot attempt.

7. Coaches must remain in the coaches’ box at all times.

8. Administrative Technical Fouls can be issued for violations of these policies.


1. A technical foul shall be called if there is: unsportsmanlike conduct by a player, coach, or spectator (including excessive or loud profanity and taunting), and illegal substitution, delay of game, changing or switching jersey numbers during the game, signing in with an incorrect jersey number, a request for a time-out when the team is out of them, or illegal equipment. Any unsporting technical counts as a personal foul against that player. Any administrative technical foul counts as a team foul.

2. The penalty for a technical foul against the offending team is to award their opponent two free throws followed by possession of the ball at half court away from the score table.

3. Two technical fouls against any one individual will result in ejection from the game and at least a one-week suspension. During the one game suspension, the player is not allowed int he facility. If a player plays in multiples leagues, he/she will not be allowed to play in any game during the suspension.

4. The referee may forfeit a contest at any time if any team member, representative, or bench personnel fails to comply with any technical foul penalty or repeatedly commits a technical foul or other act, which makes a travesty of the game.

5. If a player receives three technical fouls in an 8 week league, they will be suspended the rest of the season.

6. In the playoffs, all technical fouls from the regular season will be cleared, and there will be two technical fouls allowed for a player, and a third will result in suspension for the rest of the playoffs.


1. If the score of the game is tied at the end of regulation then the game will be decided in overtime.

2. The overtime will consist of three minutes and will be started by a jump ball. If the score remains tied after the first 3 minutes overtime period, a second overtime period will be played with the first team scoring four points declared the winner. In the playoffs, multiple 3-minute periods will be played. The clock will run continuously for the first two minutes of the overtime period and stop in the last minute.

3. Each team will have one full time out per overtime period. No time-outs will carry over into overtime, and from one OT period to another.

4. A team can receive a forfeit for the following reasons:

A. The team does not have the required number of player (4) to begin the game at the scheduled start time. A team will be given a 5 minute grace period to see if any other player(s) come(s). So, that means if a team does not have at least 4 players at five minutes after the game time, it is a forfeit.

B. A team can also get a forfeit loss for playing with an illegal player (See Protests).

5. A forfeit is recorded as the average points scored and average points allowed in victories by the winning team.

6. Any team that forfeits twice will be removed from the league.


1. Any participant, coach, fan, or other person associated with a team that is involved in an altercation with another player, coach fan, or other person associated a team where that person(s) throws a punch or attempts to kick another person, will be automatically ejected for the remainder of that season with no refund, and may be permanently banned from the facility. If a player comes off the bench to participate in the fight, they will be automatically ejected for the remainder of that season with no refund, and may be permanently banned from the facility. Any bench player or coach that comes off of the bench during a fight, regardless of their intentions will be ejected from that game and face additional suspension. If any team’s fans enter the playing surface during a fight, regardless of their intentions, that entire team will be removed form the league immediately with no refund.

2. General facility rules apply to the basketball league as well.

3. Direct confrontation of a game official WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Appropriate actions will be taken against the team and individual if this occurs. Any physical contact to a referee or ComePlayDetroit staff member will result in immediate and permanent ban from the facility with no refund and charges will be pressed. Verbal abuse of a referee or staff member will also result in automatic ejection for the remainder of that season with no refund and/or permanent ban from the facility.

4. ComePlayDetroit reserves the right to remove any player from the league at any time for excessive violations of policies and/or unacceptable behavior. The player will not be refunded any money.

5. A player is disqualified after they receive their fifth personal foul.

6. No jewelry is to be worn on the court at any time. Violation of this rule will result in an administrative technical foul.

7. The official score is kept on the scoresheet at the scoretable. The scoreboard is in no way official. Any questions about the score should be handled in an orderly fashion between the team captain, officials and scorekeeper. yelling at the scorekeeper WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The scorekeeper will give a technical foul to anyone yelling at them.

8. The time on the schedule is the game’s starting time. It is not the time to show up or the time to start warming up. If you wish to warm up before your game then arrive early enough to do so. You may also find it helpful to bring your own ball.


1. Playoff brackets will be available after the end of the regular season.

2. The seeding for playoffs will be determined after the completion of the regular season as follows:

The team with the highest winning percentage will get the highest seed, the team with the second highest winning percentage will get the 2nd highest seed, etc. Ties will be broken as follows:

A. Two Way Tie:

1. Head to head winner gets the higher seed.

2. If the two teams did not play each other, then the team with the lower average points allowed will get the higher seed.

3. If the two teams have the same average points allowed, then the team that allowed the fewest points will get the higher seed.

4. If the teams are still tied after the first 3 tiebreakers, a coin flip will determine the higher seed.

B. More than Two-Way Tie:

1. If more than two teams are tied, then the team with the lower average points allowed will get the higher seed.

2. If more than two teams have the same average points allowed, then the team that allowed the fewest points will get the higher seed.

3. If the teams are still tied after the first 2 tiebreakers, the team with the best record versus the other playoff teams gets the higher seed.



1. The only protest that ComePlayDetroit will accept is a protest concerning player eligibility or interpretation of a rule. No protests will be accepted concerning officials’ judgment calls.

2. During the regular season, a team has 24 hours to protest the game in question. After 24 hours has elapsed, no protests will be taken into consideration. During the playoffs, a team must protest a game before it starts.

3. A player may be protested for either not being on the team’s roster, or either playing under an assumed name.

4. Any player who is protested must provide a valid picture I.D. to prove his identity. During the regular season, the player has 24 hours to do so. During the playoffs he must show proof of identity immediately before the game. Please bring a picture ID to all playoff games.

5. If the protested player fails to show proof of identity during the time allotted, his team will be given a forfeit loss.

6. If the team that is protested files a counter-protest, and it is determined that both teams used illegal players, then the result of the game as played will stand.