The following rules are tentative for the BeersBee league and are subject to change before league play starts.


Place poles approximately 36 feet apart or as desired. Teams of 1 or more players. Place target on top of pole, try to hit your opponents pole or target to score points, one throw per team alternating. Each player must stay behind their pole at all times.


2 POINTS – Knock off opponents target successfully without them catching it.

1 POINT – Hit Pole.

0 POINTS – Uncatchable throw.

Play each game to 15. Win by 2.


1.Catch the target when its knocked off pole.

2.Throw the disc at either the pole or target to score points.

3.If opponents disc does not make it past your pole you are allowed to throw from where it landed.


1.Interference with disc while it is in flight.

2.Step in front of pole while catching or throwing.

3.When passing disc between teammates, must be thrown not handed off.

In the event one of the mentioned happen the opposing team is allowed 1 free throw at your target.

Note: The poles are designed to fall over sometimes to absorb throw, simply place pole back upright.