As the governing body of broomball in the United States, the rules dictated below are official.

Basic Broomball Rules

Game Basics: A game consists of 2 halves.  A game consists of two, 12 minute running-clock halves.

Teams: Each team has a goalie, three forwards and two defensemen (same line up as hockey). A captain must be designated prior to game time. Only this player may speak to an official.

Checking: Is not permitted and is grounds for ejection from the game and potentially from the league.

High Broom: ComePlayDetroit uses a modified version of The Official Broomball Rules, in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

At all levels of USA Broomball play, a high broom is called when the ball makes contact with the player’s stick above shoulder level. We call a high broom as anything above the waist instead of the shoulder for safety.  We call it the way it is called in hockey, a ball played with a high stick that is played by the same team is a stoppage in play and a face off, but no penalty.  If it is played by the other team, play just goes on.  A high stick that makes contact with an opposing player is a high sticking penalty, 2 or 4 minutes depending on severity etc.

Penalties: Various actions may result in minor, major or game misconduct penalties. Penalties are marked as such:

Conduct: At no time may a player verbally or physically abuse an official.

Players- A team must have at least six players: goalie, right and left defense, center, and right and left wing. A maximum of fifteen players, including goalies, may dress and play in a game. When making substitutions, the player coming off the ice must be within arm’s reach before the substitute enters the ice. Teams must have 2 females on the ice at all times, not including goalies. If a team only has one female on the ice, they must also play short one male player.

Sticks- Must be commercially produced. The broom must not be altered illegally in any way. The shaft of the broom must be wood, aluminum or graphite. The head of the broom must be between seven and nine inches in height (from the handle attachment to the tip of the broom). The width of the head must be between four and six inches, with the tip, or base of the broom, being no less than two and a half inches. Tape may not cover up a cracked stick. Any bent or cracked shaft can be found unsafe and removed from the game by the referee.

LETS HAVE FUN RULE- In the name of playing the game and making sure that the players / teams have fun, the coaches may make minor changes to the rules if both coaches agree and the intent of the Rules are followed. (For example: A coach may choose to allow another team to use an unregistered player, or a team does not have enough players within the five minute grace period).