Co-ed Bowling

The first 2 weeks will determine your averages. You will then have a handicap that will even out the playing field. The season will go for a total of 11 weeks. The 10th week will be the Finals, and the 11th week will be FREE Bowling, FREE Pizza and FREE Drinks, where prizes and awards will be given out!

Every player MUST provide a $30 deposit before the first week of bowling. The $30 will go towards your last 2 weeks of bowling, or towards any unpaid weeks.

Each week you will need to bring $15 cash/check to put into the envelopes that will be provided at each lane. If you forget to bring money one week, just write that on the piece of paper, and you can pay the extra amount the following week. Whether or not you are able to come each week, you are responsible to pay the $15 per person, per week. If you get a substitute for your team, they can pay for you, or they can just bowl and you can pay for them the next week.

If you know you will not be able to make it in advance, you are welcome to go and PRE-BOWL! You can go anytime before Wednesday at 8pm and bowl your 3 games. Your scores will still count towards your teams scores, and you do not need to get a substitute. If you do can’t make it, and you don’t get a substitute, you are still charged the $15 for the week, and your team will receive a score of 10 pins under your handicap. YOU MUST CALL AHEAD TO ARRANGE THIS WITH THE BOWLING ALLEY!

In addition to the basic bowling games, we also play a game where each person can put in $2 each and after the 1st and 2nd games, we will randomly draw a score (anywhere from 50-300). Whomever has that number, WINS! That simple. It’s a bit of a lottery, with your bowling score being your lotto number. There is NO skill involved at all, just a fun game that allows 2 people to walk out with $20-$50 extra in their pocket, (depending on how many players participate).

For those of you that are new to bowling leagues, this is EXTREMELY recreational… but still please take a moment to review some basic bowling etiquette.

Each sport has a list of unwritten rules that make playing the game easier and more fun for everyone – Rules of the Road so to speak. Most of them are just common sense. Here are some of those Rules of Etiquette:

1. Remove your street shoes at an appropriate place, particularly if they are wet. Water & bowling shoes DO NOT mix. Trying to bowl with a shoe that has a wet bottom will cause you to stick and fall. Please be careful for all concerned.

2. Be on time for you league and be ready to bowl when it’s your turn. If both teams are ready except for 1 or 2 late individuals, please begin on time. Your late bowlers have 5

frames to catch up in most leagues.

3. If you are going to be absent please contact your team captain and the league secretary to inform them and possibly allow them to find a substitute for you.

4. Right of Way! When two bowlers step onto the approach at the same time, the bowler on the left hand lane should step to the back until the bowler on the right hand lane has delivered. At that point the left hand lane can make their address and delivery while the right hand lane steps back. This is to allow each bowler to concentrate without being distracted. As long as everyone is prompt it allows the game to move along smoothly.

5. Please do not use another bowler’s personal balls. If you don’t have your own balls, the house balls are available for your use. If you wish to purchase personal balls, see your Customer Service Controller at the counter.

6. Please don’t put more than 2 personal balls on the rack at a time.

7. It is also courteous to your teammates not to razz & kid them while they are on the approach. Save the kidding until their turn is complete!

We want your league bowling experience to be happy & memorable one. We hope this makes it a little easier for you. Please be sure to talk to us if you have a problem or concern. Good luck in new bowling adventure!