Co-ed Flag Football Rules

Official Coed Flag Football Rules


Each team shall field 7 players on the field at one time (nomore than 4 men). ComePlayDetroit rules allow a team to play a legal game shorthanded with 5 players, (at least 2 females). There is no maximum limit on the amount of females on the field at one time. All rosters must be finalized one week before the regular season begins.


Teams will have until 10 minutes past the designated start timeto field a legal team. Shorthanded teams may play a legal game with a minimumof 5 players, with at least 2 of them being females. Teams fielding less than5 players or without at least 2 women will receive a forfeit. Exception: Teams may play a “legal game” with less than 5 players or less than 2 females with the opposing teams consent. Teams who agree to play under these conditions will lose the option of receiving a forfeit win.


If a team substitutes players during the game, they must do so from the same sideline the entire game. Eligible receivers must be on the playing field before the cadence is started.


Play will be divided into (2) 20-minute halves. Teams flip flop directionat the start of the second half. The team that started the game on defense will start the second half on offense. Teams will have 2 time-outs per game thatmay be used at any time. There will be a running clock until the final 2 minutesof the second half maintained by a referee or designated scorekeeper. During the first 38 minutes, the clock runs continuously with the exception of time-outsand serious injury. If a team calls a timeout after a touchdown the clock will not start again until the defensive team takes possession and snaps the ball on offense. During the final 2 minutes of the game, the game clock will stop if: 
• an incomplete pass is thrown 
„« a player ends a play by going out of bounds 
•„«either team scores (clock will remain off until the opposing team snaps the ballafter the PAT attempt; the clock does not run during extra points) 
•„« change of possession 
„« a penalty which must be marked off occurs 
•„« A team calls a timeout. 
„« The clock will not stop for a “2 minute warning” unless there is a dead ball situation or the ball has not yet been snapped on a given down. 
** If a team is up by 17 points or more,the clock runs continuously during the last two minutes of play. 
For the entire game, the offensive team has 30 seconds to snap the ball once the ball has been spotted. If the referee or scorekeeper feels that this is being taking advantage of,he or she will then stop the clock, and penalize the offense 5 paces/yards.


There is no maximum limit to the amount of females allowed on the field. To ensure coed participation, a penalty will ensue if the offensive team fails to use a female as an operative player within 3 consecutive downs (This does not reset after a first down…it is every three plays). 
An Operative Player is defined as a player who: a) is the intended receiver in the eyes of the official; b) runs the ball as the primary runner (does not have to crossline of scrimmage); c) receives the snap as the QB and throws the ball forward towards the line of scrimmage. (Ball does not have to cross line of scrimmage); d) receives the snap and immediately spikes the ball at her feet in order to stop theclock in the last 2 minutes. 
An Operative Player is NOT defined as a player who: a) hands off the football; b) snaps the ball into play; c) receives a hand-off onlyto give it back to a male before crossing the line of scrimmage 
a) a pass deflected by a male and caught by a female is a female play; b) a pass intended for a female (in the eyes of the referee) that is deflected by a female,and caught by a male counts as a female play; c) a pass thrown by a male,caught by a male, immediately pitched to a female (“the hook and ladder”) doesnot constitute a female play – no matter how far the female advances with the ball after the pitch; d) a pass intentionally grounded by a female in the last 2minutes of the second half in order to stop the clock counts as a female play; e) if a female pitches the ball to a male behind the line of scrimmage, it will not result in a female play; f) if a female pitches the ball to a male behind the line of scrimmage and then he throws it to a female it will count as a female play; g) if it is a forced female play and a male is sacked as quarterback, it will count as afemale play. The next play is then ruled open. This only applies on forced female plays (i.e. a female defensive pass rusher). 
The penalty for running 3 consecutive plays without a female as an Operative Player will be loss of down(i.e. if it was 1st down during the penalty, it is now 2nd down) and the female must now be the operative player on the next down. If on this play a male catches or runs the ball: loss of down, the play is ruled “dead”, and the ball is brought back to the line of scrimmage, and the next play must be a female play. 
Plays utilizing a female and resulting in “loss of down” penalties will still be considered “female” plays. 
The slate is clean for extra points and punts and everyone is eligible. 
• Touchdowns are awarded 6 pts. Extra points: 3 paces/yards off the goal line = 1 pt., 10 paces/yards = 2pts. 2-point conversion attempts may be intercepted and returned for 2 points with the defense retaining possession at their 10 pace/yard line.

*QB Rush

QB can only rush if the clock has expired and the defense crosses the line of scrimmage. Female QB handoff does not qualify as Female play. Must be a pass or Female rush.


Each team shall have 4 downs to either score or earn another first down. First downs are earnedeach time the ball reaches the 2nd cone from where the ball was originally spotted on the first down. If a team fails to score or earn a first down, possessionwill go to the other team. Offensive teams may elect to punt on fourth downs.


  • Delay of Game – 5 yards from the previous spot
  • Illegal Procedure – 5 yards from the previous spot
  • Dead Ball Foul, Encroachment – 5 yards from the previous spot
  • Illegal Motion – 5 yards from the previous spot
  • Offensive Pass Interference – 10 yards from previous spot, loss of down
  • Defensive Pass Interference – 10 yards from previous spot, automatic first down
  • Roughing the Passer – 10 yards, automatic first down
  • Defensive Holding – 10 yards from the spot of the foul
  • Flag Guarding – 10 yards from the spot of the foul
  • Face Guarding – 10 yards, automatic first down
  • Stiff Arm – 10 yards from the spot of the foul
  • Helping the Runner – 5 yards from the spot of the foul
  • Illegal Blocking – 10 yards from the spot of the foul

*In the case of a Tie – Regular season Games end in a tie, Playoffs (1st and goal from the 20, must go for 2 on a touchdown. Teams get equal opportunity)


*Playoff Overtime Rules

  • Coin toss
  • Each team will get 4 downs from the 50yd line to score (college format)
  • Coed rules still apply
  • If tied after 1 try ea teams must go for 2 point conversion
  • 1 timeout for entire overtime (regulation TO’s do not carry over)



The goal of this flag football league is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. Withthis said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspensionand/or ejection from a game or the league. Abuse of officials, referees, and otherstaff will not be tolerated. ComePlayDetroit will not tolerate fighting! Fighting willbe an automatic ejection from any game and in some cases ejection from the league.


*Let’s have fun rule:

In the name of playing the game and making sure that the players / teams have fun the coaches may make minor changes to the rules if both coaches agree and the intent of the Flag Football Rules are followed. (For example: A coach may choose to allow another team to use an unregistered player, or a team does not have enough players within the five minute grace period).