1. All players MUST wear shoes. Soles may either be smooth or have soft or hard rubber cleats. Shoes having metal cleats are NOT allowed.

2. Ball caps, helmets, visors cloth headbands (Not plastic visors, plastic helmets or handkerchiefs/bandanas tied around the head) are the ONLY headwear items allowed. Batters, base runners and catchers may wear helmets. Headwear is optional, but is worn must be worn properly.

3. Casts, any exposed jewelry will NOT be allowed on the playing field. Also any other item deemed dangerous by the umpire may NOT be worn during the game. If said item is unable to be removed, It Must be taped to the body before the player is allowed to play. If a player refuses to remove or tape said item, that player will be removed form the game. (NOTE: medical alert bracelets and necklaces are not considered jewelry but, if worn, must be taped.)

4. Only official softball bats may be used. All bats must meet ASA Standards. Bats must bear the ASA 2004 Certification mark and must be listed on an ASA APPROVED list. Please see ASA website for further information:

5. Only ASA approved batting warm-up devices may be used. (Note: Bat donuts will not be allowed.)

6. Softballs for this program will be the 12-inch and be provided by ComePlayDetroit. (NOTE: All balls will meet ASA standards.)

7. Double First Base will be use in all games


1. Games run for 65 minutes. with no new inning starting after 60 minutes.

2. For the first game each day teams will have a 10 minute grace period . The amount of time used to get a legal team will be cut from your game time.)

3. MERCY RULE: 15 run ahead run will be in effect upon the losing team completing five innings at bat. A 12 run ahead rule will be in effect will be in effect upon the losing team completing six innings at bat.

4. TIE GAMES: If a game is tied after seven innings or less and the time limit has expired, the teams will play one extra inning.

5. Any game cancelled before the losing team has completed five times at bat will be replayed in their entirety. Unless the game is called because of the time limit or not having enough players.

6. Any game cancelled after the losing team has completed five times at bat will be considered a complete game.

7. Weather, Natural and Manmade disasters and state of emergency

A. When games are postponed due to inclement weather conditions, you may call our weather hotline at (313) 757-0737. Become a friend on Facebook of ComePlayDetroit to get up dates on playing conditions for your games. If games are not postponed by 5:00 pm on weekdays, or 8am on weekends, teams and umpires are required to report to the fields. Umpires and the supervisor will then make decisions based on weather and playing conditions.

B. Games will be played during a thunderstorm or tornado watch, games will be postponed immediately if there is a thunderstorm or tornado WARNING.

C. It may become necessary to cancel or postpone softball games if there should be an occurrence of a disaster either manmade or natural with or without prior notification.

D. All games will be suspended if thunder is heard or lightning is seen. Games in progress will be delayed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lightning is seen. At this time the umpire and field supervisor will leave the field as well as instruct all participants and spectators to do the same. It may become necessary at this time to cancel the suspended games. This will be in the best judgment of the field supervisor the umpire and the Recreation Coordinator.

8. Umpires will check all bats to be used prior to the game to assure that they are on the ASA Approved list.


1. Teams cannot take infield and batting practice on the field. Warm ups should be done in the outfield prior to the games.

2. On enclosed diamonds, the ball will be considered in play as long as it stays inside the fenced area.

3. On open diamonds, the ball will be considered in play as long as it stays inside a determined line from the side fence parallel with the baseline.

4. Any ball hit over the pitchers mound from the ground to the top of the pitchers head is a dead ball and the hitter is automatically out. This is still true whether or not the pitcher is standing on the mound.


1. Teams must notify the umpire and apposing team how many batters will be in the lineup to start the game. Teams must have nine (9) eligible players in the team area in order to start the game. When a tenth player arrives he will be placed in the 10 batting spot in the order. If additional players arrive prior to the first batter entering the batters box for their second time at bat the additional players may be added if the umpire is notified. Teams may bat as many players as they wish. If a team has elected to bat all players present at the start of the game they well be permitted to add any player arriving after the start of the game to the bottom of the lineup. The manager must let the umpire and opposing team know when you add anyone to the lineup. If a team does not bat all players present at the start of the game any player arriving after the game is started must be used as a substitute. (NOTE: Failure to notify will result in a batting out of order penalty if noticed by the opposing team.)

2. If a team has a lineup of more than nine (9) players and for any reason loses a player(s) during the course of the game, and a legal substitute is not available, that team will be allowed to continue playing. When that batting spot comes up the remainder of the game an automatic OUT will be called. If a runner is on base and must leave the game, and a legal substitute is not available, an OUT will be called.

3. Teams that are not batting all their players may substitute players into the lineup. A starting player may be substituted and re-entered back into the game, provided the player occupies the same batting position in the lineup. A substitute player (a player not in the starting lineup) on a team may enter, leave, and re-enter, provided the player occupies the same batting position upon re-entering the game. (NOTE: It is conceivable that more than one substitute could be used in the same batting position.)

4. Teams that do not have the minimum number of players to take the field at game time WILL lose the game by forfeit. Any team that is issued a forfeit WILL lose $35.00 from their forfeit fee. Teams will be allowed one (1) forfeits during the season. If at any time during the season a team forfeits a second game, that team WILL be dropped from the league. If a team is dropped from the league, all remaining games will be awarded to their opponents.

5. The shorthanded rule does NOT apply when a team drops below nine (9) players in the lineup and does not have a legal substitute to enter the game. The game will be concluded and the opposing team will be given a win.

6. Teams will be allowed one (1) Courtesy runner per inning. The Courtesy runner must be the last recorded out and must enter prior to the first pitch to the succeeding batter. The Courtesy runner is officially in the game when the umpire had declared play ball. An ineligible courtesy runner is an appeal situation that must be made before the next legal or illegal pitch. Penalty: The runner is removed from the base and an out is called.


1. Pitchers will have one (1) minute to deliver their warm-up pitches.

2. Pitchers will have five (5) warm-up pitches the first inning and one (1) warm-up pitch for all remaining innings, time permitting

3. All new pitchers will have five (5) warm-up pitches when they enter the game, time permitting.

4. Pitchers must have one foot in contact with the pitching rubber when starting the forward motion to deliver the ball…

5. Batters will have a 3 Ball 2 Strike count. Batter will start with a 1 Ball and 1 Strike count. A batter will be allowed to hit one (1) foul ball when they have a 2
Strike Count.

6. STRIKE will follow the definition in the Official ASA Rules.


1. Drinking or the possession of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES by a player, coach, manager or spectator is not allowed at any properties administered by or adjacent to ComePlayDetroit leagues or events. This covers all park property. Any player or spectator found in possession of alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave the park, if the individual is a registered player with a ComePlayDetroit team said player will no longer be eligible to play in or participate in any ComePlayDetroit softball leagues the remainder of the season. Said player(s) will have to immediately leave the park. The player’s team will not be allowed to replace that player on the roster, even if that roster falls below the minimum.

2. COLLISIONS: Umpires have been instructed to watch for collisions, particularly at home plate and second base. Base runners must make every effort to avoid collisions with fielders. Anyone intentionally colliding with a fielder may result in ejection.

Any player ejected from the game will receive a one-game suspension. During the one game suspension, the player is not allowed at the facility. A player that receives two ejections from the league is subject to being removed from the league permanently.

3. Any agreement made between team managers and umpires because the playing conditions or rules have been altered MUST be indicated on the game scoresheet in writing and signed by all parties.

4. ComePlayDetroit will not provide scorekeepers. The home team will be the official scorebook. However, each team should keep track of the score and check with the umpires every inning.

5. ComePlayDetroit reserves the right to make any decision that is for the best interest and safety of the program.


1. A manager or coach wishing to make a formal protest on a RULE INTERPRETATION should use the following procedure:

2. Notify the home plate umpire you are protesting the game before the next pitch, play or before the infielders have left fair territory after the 3rd out.

3. Follow Rule 9 Section 6. (In the official 2010 Official Rules of Softball published by the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA).

4. All protest MUST be in writing and turned into the ComePlayDetroit office by 5:00 pm the next working day. All protests must be accompanied by a $25.00 fee, which is paid to ComePlayDetroit .

5. If the department supports a protest the $25.00 fee will be returned to the team and the appropriate action will be taken. If the protest is disallowed, ComePlayDetroit will deposit the fee.

6. Protest on player eligibility will be handled at the field. Please carry your identification with you at all times. This will alleviate any problems regarding player eligibility.


1. Any postponed games that are required to be rescheduled, will be after league play is completed or when field space is available. Every attempt will be made to schedule make-up games on the normal league playing night. If more than one cancellation occurs, teams should be prepared to play on any night or on the weekend. (Teams should be prepared to play a third game in the same night if needed.)

2. The team manager will be emailed a make-up letter within one (1) WEEK OF THE POSTPONED GAME. This if the team manager has not received notification of a make-up game within one (1) week, it is their responsibility to contact ComePlayDetroit directly.


1. The team with the best record (most points) in each league will be considered league champions. Three (3) points for a win, One (1) point for a tie and Zero (0) points for a loss. If two or more teams tie for first place in the regular season, they will have a single elimination playoff game to determine the league champion. If more than two teams are tied, seeding for the playoff will be as follows:

2. Head to Head records among teams tied

3. Least runs allowed among teams tied

4. Most runs scored among teams tied

5. Least runs allowed for the season

6. Most runs scored for the season

7. Coin flip

8. If there is a tie for second place, the following criteria will be used to determine second place:

  1. Record in the playoff (If teams played each other or more than 3 teams tied.)
  2. Head to Head record among teams tied
  3. Least runs allowed among teams tied
  4. Most runs scored among teams tied
  5. Least runs allowed for the season
  6. Most runs scored for the season
  7. Coin flip

9. League champions will receive a sponsor trophy and individual shirts. Second place will receive a sponsor trophy.

10. Body fluid exposure and the effort put forth by the team to handle the body fluid exposure. Umpires will not resort to a substitution situation unless it is absolutely necessary.

11. The Player CANNOT return to the game until, in the umpire’s judgment, the body fluid flow is stopped or sufficiently protected.

12. If a garment is soiled with a body fluid, the player CAN NOT return to the game unless a clean (unsoiled with a body fluid) garment is used.


It will be the responsibility for the ejected player’s team to remove the player as directed by the umpire in the time requested. Failure to do so will result in the game being terminated and a forfeit issued to the offending team.


Over the years the language that some players have used has become more and more vulgar and inappropriate for the setting that we conduct this program. Please advise your players that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated by ComePlayDetroit. Outbursts using vulgar language (The Four Letter Words, etc.) will subject that player to ejection.


The following procedure will be used for retesting bats during the season.

  1. A bat can be questions by any of the following: Umpire working the game; Umpire in Chief; Softball Supervisor; Softball Coordinator; Opposing Team.
  2. Any bat that is questioned will be removed from the game at that point by the umpire.
  3. If marked bat is discovered in a game the remainder of the season… The bat will be confiscated and the player caught using this bat may be removed from ComePlayDetroit.


Any team with 2 or more forfeits may be removed from the league. Per our FAQ, no refunds are offered.